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Enjoy your stay in Portola at one of the comfortable accommodations listed below. Whether you are here for the fishing, the scenery, the railroads or the history, there is an accommodation available just for you.

May contain: fence, neighborhood, architecture, building, cottage, house, housing, nature, outdoors, yard, grass, and plant

Pullman House Inn
256 Commercial Street, Portola, CA 96122
Phone: (530) 832-0107
Description: An Inn with a 'Railroad' theme located in downtown Portola.




May contain: plant, tree, architecture, building, outdoors, shelter, fir, hotel, cottage, house, housing, neighborhood, pine, countryside, hut, nature, and rural

Sierra Motel
380 E. Sierra Street, Portola, CA 96122
Phone: (530) 832-4223
Description: Motel has 23 rooms and is open all year, pets are OK.

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