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Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2023

Utility Fees (billed on the monthly utility bill) 


Meter Size                                          Base Rate
5/8”                                                     $33.20
3/4"                                                     $74.38
1”                                                        $130.93
1 1/2"                                                  $293.69
2”                                                        $519.29
3”                                                        $524.54
4”                                                        $531.45
6”                                                        $547.33
Consumption Rate
Each 1,000 gallons used                    $3.86



Residential                                          $47.25
Multi Residential                                 $43.96
Small Commercial                              $32.82
Large Commercial, Government,
Schools, Mixed Use, & Churches       $45.23

Volume Charge ($/1,000 gallons)
Large Commercial, Government,
Schools,  Mixed Use, & Churches      $8.57


Solid Waste Fees (Mandatory for all utility users)

Landfill Closure                                  $7.38
Revenue is collected to fund the State-mandated 30-year closure
process for the City landfill
Solid Waste Fee                                 $9.23
Revenue is used of offset the City’s expenses related to solid waste
Utility bills are sent on the 1st of each month; balances not paid
by the 20th are subject to a 10% late fee. After the 60th day the
City may process the discontinuance of service.

Deposit for service                           $198.12

Availability Charge 

Residential                                          $47.25
Multi Residential                                  $43.96
Small Commercial                               $32.82
Large Commercial, Government,
Schools, Mixed Use, & Churches       $45.23


Residential Sewer                               $27.63
Other Residential                                $25.72
Small Commercial                               $19.20
Large Commercial, Government,
Schools, Mixed Use, & Churches       $26.46


Service/Utility Fees
Service Call* (working hours)             $25.00
Service Call* (off hour)                       $100.00
Transfer Fee*                                     $15.00
Non-payment Reconnection Fee       $50.00
Fire Hydrant Deposit                          $600.00
Fire Hydrant, metered rate                 $4.07/1,000 gal
Fire Hydrant, non-metered                 $26.96/truckload
Service Lateral Connection                $50.00
Lateral Installation                              $100.00
Meter Test Deposit                             Cost plus S&H
*fee place on monthly utility bill


Water/Sewer Connections
Water Connection Fee                        $1,000
Water Meter Fee (5/8”)                       $375.00
Sewer Connection Fee                       $1,000
Sewer Inspection                                $100.00


Facility Fees for New Services*
*Must be paid when permit is issued
Meter Size                   Water Fee                  Sewer Fee
5/8”                             $4,015.00                    $5,324.00
3/4"                             $6,022.50                    $7,986.00
1”                                $10,037.50                  $13,310.00
1 1/2"                          $20,075.00                  $26,620.00
2”                                $32,120.00                  $42,592.00
3”                                $60,225.00                  $79,860.00
4”                                $100,375.00                $133,100.00
6”                                $200,750.00                $266,200.00
Traffic Impact Fee      $3,711.00

Business Licenses 

Annual Gross Receipts                       Annual Fee
$2,000 - $50,000                                 $64.00
$50,001 - $100,000                             $124.00
$100,001 - $150,001                           $184.00
More than $150,001                            $244.00
Affiliate Fee                                         $10.00 each
Non-Compliance Fee is two times the Business License Fee

Anyone doing business within the city is required to have a business license businesses located in residential districts are also required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit. See Planning Fees.


Building Permit Fees 

The City of Portola utilizes building permit fees published by the ICBO in the November/December issue of the Buildings Standards Magazine. Fees are listed in the Building Valuation Data Chart and adjusted for Northern California and are the same as the Plumas County Building Department fees. Please ask for a Building Department Fee Schedule.

Commonly Used Building Fees
Re-Roof                      $166.00
Demolition Permit       $99.00
Grading Permit           $96.00
Re-Siding                   $166.00
Woodstove                 $99.00
ADA Plan Check        $125.00

Investigation for work without a permit                     $50.00
Additional Plan review – Minimum 1 hour charge
Re-Inspection – Minimum 2-hour charge
Fees not specifically indicated – Minimum 1/2-hour charge

Woodstove Inspections                                               $50.00
Upon the sale or transfer of any structure within the City a Woodstove inspection is required.

Encroachment Permits
Any activity within the public right-of-way requires an encroachment permit. Contact City Hall for information and fees                                       $52.50

Dog Licenses 

Neutered/Spayed                    $10.00
Unaltered                                $40.00
Kennel License                       $100.00
Late Fee                                  $10.00
Non-Compliance Fee              $60.00

A current rabies certificate and proof of neuter/spay are required with the license application.

City regulations prohibit the keeping of more than four dogs without a kennel license.

Livestock Permits (no fee)
Are required for keeping of livestock, domestic, fowl, wild animals or bees. Permit application and information can be obtained at City Hall

Pool Usage Fees 

Pool Admission

Daily Admission
Seniors (65+)                          $3.00
Adults (18+)                            $5.00
6-17 years                               $4.00
1-5 years                                 $2.00

Summer Pass
Family                                     $125.00
Individual                                $60.00
Senior (60+)                            $50.00

Lap Swim and Water Aerobics
Drop-In Fee                            $5.00
Fitness Pass                           $125.00
(Fitness Pass good for any water aerobics/lap swim for the season) $5.00 drop in fee

Swim Lessons
2-Week Group Session           $50.00
1-Week Private Lesson           $70.00
Pool Party Rental: 2 Hours     $125.00

Friday Night Family Swim
(all children under 18 must be accompanied by an Adult)
Time: 6pm until dark

See City Hall or Pool for time of operation and Pool Schedule and other activities.


Refuse Collection 

Curbside garbage and recycling collection is provided to City residents by Intermountain Disposal under an exclusive Franchise agreement. Weekly garbage collection is mandatory for occupied residences within the city.

Commercial food preparation establishments are required to have garbage collected two times per week. Please contact Intermountain Disposal to start garbage service when you start your city utility service. The city provides notification when service is started.

Solid waste disposal services are also provided by Intermountain at the transfer station in Delleker.

Contact Intermountain Disposal for rates, collection and disposal information at 530.832.4879.



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