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Dog Licenses

Annual License & Rabies Certificate:

  • All Dogs that reside/stay within the City of Portola are require to have a City License with current Rabies Certificate information registered with the City of Portola.
  • If you no longer own a Dog within the City, please let us know so we may take you off the list for renewal notices.
  • Please bring your Dog’s current Rabies Certificate when renewing.
  • Licenses expire a year from renewal date.

Licensing Fees:

  • Unaltered: $40.00
  • Neutered: $10.00

City Ordinance:

(Ord. 261 (part), 1996)
6.05.190 - Licensing of dogs required.

Every person who lives in the incorporated areas of the city owning, possessing, controlling, harboring or keeping any dog over four months of age shall procure a dog license for each dog from the licensing authority, as long as ownership of the dog continues, or within thirty days after acquiring or bringing into the city any dog over the age of four months, and shall continue to procure such license as required herein, so long as the ownership of the dog continues.

  • No license shall be issued unless a valid certificate of rabies vaccination is presented, and such vaccination meets the requirements pursuant to Section 6.05.180 of this chapter and is sufficient to immunize such dog against rabies for the current licensing term.
  • In any case, if a dog is already licensed by another city or county within the state, proof of such licensing and proof of rabies vaccination is required herein, shall be submitted to the licensing authority of the city, and a dog license shall be issued to the owner for the current licensing term without charge.

Kennel Licensing​:

  • If you own 5 or more dogs, then a Kennel License is required.
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